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$22,000,000,000,000 and (no one’s) counting

No one gives a shit anymore; after all, what’s another trillion between bipartisan friends? ?The national debt surpassed $22 trillion for the first time on Tuesday, a milestone that experts …

Farewell to Carbs

Chrenk Youth

Green Deal, Gone Girl


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No, “Blade Runner” and “The Running Man” did not predict 2019

I normally rate “The New York Post” as far as tabloids are concerned but this feature on the prophetic side of the 1980s dystopian science-fiction reads more like something out …

Is it me or is music shit?


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A View from the High Castle

December 1942. The Imperial Japanese Army, having cleared the Allied resistance across Papua New Guinea, invades the Australian mainland. Japanese armies land in Darwin, Cairns and Townsville. There is a …


The Genesis Event


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Hands off my books, Marie

Who is this monster and what does she want? Book lovers are not happy about the way organization guru Marie Kondo remends handling books in her new Netflix series “Tidying …

20 best books I’ve read in 2017


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Lending a pinching hand

This guy will be very happy today: So will Julie Bishop. With a big emphasis on disability and 50 skin shades of same or different sex multiracial couples holding hands, …


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Boys Gone Wild on Brisbane Tinder, Part IV: Special Valentine’s Edition

This morning we’ve had the latest installment of Girls Gone Wild, so for the sake of equality of the (two) sexes I cannot but now present some eye candy for …